Chapter 6: NA-KI-TA.




                 A few miles away from the CTC research center stood a hundred and forty story building, surrounded by four smaller sixty story buildings. These were also connected to the main buildings. Outside the front entrance stood two marble Greco-Roman statues with swords to stand a diligent watch over the corporation.  Inside the main building were research labs.  These labs controlled special, secret projects for CTC. 
                 Through the black marble doors of the main lab was Alex, one of the few scientists who was allowed inside the special project areas. Alex was making his way near the labs to get some test samples from the other night. He passed one of the test labs and out from the corner of his eye, he saw something very unusual, set up in the center of the room. His curiosity got the better of him and he entered the room. To his surprise, there was an old model cyro-tube chamber that had recently been cleaned. Alex made sure that no one was around before moving closer to the tube. He walked around to see if anyone was inside.  His eyes caught a glimpse of a young woman asleep “Just like Sara,.” he thought. Alex picked up the data pad on her condition and found out that she was from the same abandoned lab. 
                 "CTC had recovered this one right under the Earth force's noise. How?...When? I do not like this at all."
                  Coming out from the room, Alex nervously looked at his watch. It was almost time to meet up with Cindy. He popped his head out of the room first and saw guards at both of the exits. To his left and to his right, security surveillances were in every corner. 
“The security is tighter than usual. I wonder if someone big is expected,” he thought.   

                 Sounds of footsteps were heard from the hallway. Alex quickly backed away behind one of the four big computer terminals that were around the cryo-tube. The person who walked into the room and toward the table was Dr. John Lorick.  He gazed over the sleeping woman with excitement. “A perfect specimen,” he thought as he motioned his assistant to bring in the cutting tools.
                 From behind him coming into the room were two arm like cutting machines. His assistant placed the two machines on the opposite sides of the tube. John connected the two controls to the machines in both of his hands. These connected directly to his brain's neural pathways, for better control of the machines. The cold metallic steel claws became an extension of his body.  The right arm transformed into a clamp. It held the tube in place while the other arm began to cut into the tube. Alex looked on as his boss carefully cut the brittle door of the chamber. 
                 "She is almost out.. Guards!!! Be ready for anything."
The security guards pointed their weapons at the sleeping woman.  The tube opened and John's subordinates took her out. John checked her over for injuries with the sensor scans on the table. He couldn't help but smile at the magnitude of this discovery. He pretended to check the table scanners, as he quietly spoke to her, "Even though you're asleep, I would like to thank you my dear, for what you'll do for my future."
                 He placed one hand on her forehead to check her temperature. While he was checking it, he placed a small thin triangular metal device on her forehead. He softy continued to talk to the sleeping woman, "You see my dear, if your abilities are like your sister who has escaped from my men, you're my ticket to take over this company. This little device on your forehead will make sure you won't betray me."
                 He touched her shoulder and noticed her body felt warm and soft like a normal human’s skin.
"This is unbelievable. Her skin is so soft, unlike any cyborg I've ever come across."
                   John could hardly believe that someone like this could have defeated a fully armed unit of his best trained men. 
                 "This technology was lost to us. Even the different new technologies of today's cyborg units are nowhere as complex as this woman. What is she?" he thought.
                 John gestured for an assistant to come forth, 
                 "You there, I need the nano-probes. I want to get a closer look at her."

                 “Sir, Core didn’t say to dissect her.”

                 “The Nano’s that I want to inject in her would just gather DNA information. There will be no harming her if we set it on the lowest level. I’m not a monster you know I wouldn’t dare harm this master piece of sciences.”

                 The assistant remained silent, not sure what to say as he could see John’s eyes twinkle as he looked at the sleeping woman.

                 “Just give me the damn Nanos.”

                 The assistant prepared the Nanos in a syringe filled with glucose. He gave the needle to John. He was about to insert them in her arm, when a small electrical spark discharged from her body to the syringe. John dropped it beside her and scooted with everybody back to the exit. But as the discharge dissipated, John was the first to go back. He looked at the syringe that still sparked from the light show. On closer inspection of the syringe, it had quickly turned black and smoked.  He checked to see if the Nanos were still active.

                 "Not one remained. Somehow she destroyed them all." he thought. 
                 His subordinates stood at the doorway and tried to get his attention.

                 "Sir!.....Sir, you might want to see this."
                 "What are you talking about?"
                 The woman’s body had begun to change. The metal of the table and around her lightly warped towards her. Her skin formed a thin crimson armor that kept her the shape of her body. Alex's heart skipped a beat as this woman opened her eyes and rose up. She yawned and stretched her arms out like she just had a good night sleep. No one moved, they just stared in fear. John motioned the guards to back off so they would not attract any attention to themselves. The woman turned to John and with her piercing light violet color eyes crept from his feet up to his face. John’s feet were like lead molded to the floor. Instead of an inspiring speech to help the young woman to be more at ease, he said,
                 "Huh.. Hi." 
                 Again she stretched and looked around to see where she was, but she didn't recognize the place. John could tell that she was getting confused, so he tried to communicate more with her before she went into a possible attack mode.

                 "Do..Do you know your name?" 
                 She turned back around in John’s direction with a little innocent smile and replied softly, "Na-kit-a." 
                 John grinned at how calm and compliant she was. "Nakita. What a pretty name to have. Well Nakita, welcome to the future."
                 She softy spoke to herself, "No, I am the future."
                 Her eyes started to glow. She was few seconds away from attacking.  Luckily for the people in the lab, Nakita recognized the C.T.C. insignia on the security guards near her.  She calmed back down, and her eyes returned normal.  No one knew what she was about to do. She pouted a bit and said to herself, “No fun, I wanted to play.”
                 "I am sorry....I didn't catch that?" 
                 She replied with a normal tone to John, "I am pleased to be here. But where's my master?"
                 "Who's your master?"
                 Nakita stood up as the doors opened.  A huge stalking cyborg came in.  He was known as Core. He was the special project leader for CTC Naktia knew right away who he was and bowed before him. Core placed his hand on the right side of Nakita's face. She looked up at him and smiled. Core motioned her to rise. John quickly came over to his side, "Core, sir, I didn't know you were coming." 
                 "After the fiasco yesterday, I had no choice." 
                 "Yes, but we had no knowledge of how powerful they were." 
                 Core looked around the lab to see about the other one but there was only one cryo-chamber,
                 "The other girl.. What happened to her?" 
                 "We had some resistance from a small group of Mars fanatics, who called themselves, The Neo Ameras. Because of them, she woke up before it was expected."
                 "You're saying you do not have her.. I don't want excuses, just answers."
                 "We believe that the Neos took her with them."
                 "Well then, we are going have to eliminate this problem then." 
                 "I totally agree, sir."
                 Core smirked as he placed both hands on Nakita's shoulder. She looked up at him and smiled with glee.
                 "Of course you do. But on the other hand my dear Nakita, you are an unexpected surprise."
                 He explained to John, "My little Nakita was part of a special version of the project of "Living Metal", called the “Crimson guards.” It was a unit to protect me and my brother, the founder of C.T.C." 
                 "Is that so, Sir." 
                 Nakita sat back on the table, innocently looking around with out a care in the world.
                 "Amazing, isn't she?"
                 Core was aware that Nakita has a violent nature and her blood lust could make Jack the Ripper look like an angel. Nakita slid off the table and moved toward Core and softly whispered, "When can I kill?"
                 Core just laughed as John shuttered at what Nakita just said.
                 "Why did she say that?"
                 "Oh yes, she was also trained to be an assassin for us. But she likes to call it more of a hobby." 
                 Alex overheard the conversation. The situation had gone from bad to worse. He wondered if Sara could be like Nakita.  As he looked on he thought that maybe it was a mistake to help her. But he shook that notion out of his head and thought, “I can't believe that. She asked us for help."
                 The only thing that Alex wanted to do at this point was to warn the Neos about this. As discretely as possible, Alex attempted to make an exit without being noticed. But as soon as he crept by the security guards, John noticed him.
                 Alex stopped with his heart in his mouth,
                 "Come here."
                 Alex looked ahead, he was two feet a way from the exit, but turned around trying to pretend off that he just passed by when John called for him.
                 "Ok sir." 
                 He calmly walked over to them.
                 "Where are you going Alex?" 
                 "Oh, I was going downstairs to analyze this alloy." 
                 "Hmm. Let me see it."
                 Alex hesitantly gave him the alloy. John turned it around in his hand,
                 "It is something we found at the lab, isn't it? The texture is very interesting."
                 Alex agreed, but couldn't help looking at Nakita. She caught him staring at her and stared right back at him.  Nakita responded to his momentary look with a smile and softly licked her lips.  Core noticed Alex’s nervous actions. 
                 "Oh, I am sorry, Sir, let me introduce, Alex Locamon one of our metal researchers.”

                 Core towered over Alex. His menacing size shadowed over him swallowing the light before him. All Alex could see was the Core’s glowing blue eyes looking straight through him, Yes I know. I've made an effort to know who was there at that unfortunately incident in the lab a couple days ago."
                 John gave back the metal to Alex and said, "You may go." 
                 Alex made an exit quickly. Both Nakita and Core watched Alex walk out of the room, Nakita softly whispered in Core's ears, "Did you see that?"
                 Core nodded slightly as she continued, "He was so scared, I could taste his fear."
                 She hugged herself a bit, "Hmm it tasted so sweet. Oh, how I miss that flavor." 
                 Core turned to her, again placing both his hands on her shoulders and spoke quietly into Nakita's left ear, "It is time to play a game, Nakita."
                 She softly bit her lip, "I like games."
                 "Well, this little game is called, Catch and Tell. You find out what he knows. But remember just scare him. Do not to kill him, yet."
Nakita with a pout on her face said softy, "I don't get to kill?"
                 Core playfully brushed her nose with his right index finger, "You know, you’re cute when you’re thirsty to kill. But I am afraid not my dear, just scare him. You'll get your chance soon."

                 He already knew about Alex and his involvement with the Neos.  He would exploit him to get to the Neo Ameras and take back what they had stolen from his family. Core pointed to the clock that was on the wall behind her, "Now don't take too long my dear. I have something else I need you to do."
Nakita bowed her head. The floor began to warp around her. She shifted through the metal floor. Core ordered everybody to leave except John. 
                 "Come here, I want to show you this."
                 Core also called security from the west wing to leave the corridors alone and ordered them to seal any unlocked doors except the exit down below. 
                 "How far was he going to take this? Was he actually going to have her to hunt Alex down?" thought John.
                 "Sir, what are you going to do?" 
                 "I wanted you to see Nakita in action." 
                 Core opened the only security channels that monitored the west wing, "Ahh, there's our star now." 
                 The cameras were fixed on Alex's movements as he entered the stair case,
                 "At any time the game will start."
                 John wondered what Core was trying to prove to him until he saw Nakita coming through solid metal, behind Alex. Nakita quietly landed on top of the stairs rails. Perfectly balanced on the side rails, she jumped off and hid in the darkness. Alex was trying to watch his footsteps to see if anyone was following. But there was no one behind him. He begun his way down the stairs as quickly as he could. He took out his cell-phone and tried to call Cindy to warn them. There was nothing but static, he said to himself, "This is bad." 
                 A cold chill went up his spine, he stopped to look around. There was no one, but Alex still had a lingering feeling that someone was there with him. 
                 "I think I had better hurry and get out of here," he thought. Alex picked up the pace as he ran down the stairs. 
                 After a few floors down, Alex started to realize he had been found out. None of the doors were open. As he tried the next floor’s exit, the main lights went out and the emergency lights came on. The eerie feeling of another presence became apparent again. Alex didn’t know what to do except to continue running downstairs. Before he started back down, Nakita came out of the shadows behind him.  Alex didn't notice her as she quietly crept up to him. He became aware of a shadowy figure that shun from the emergency light above him. His heart began to race. When he turned around there was no one behind him. He sighed in relief and started back down. Nakita had shifted through the wall. As soon as he took his first step down, her hand came out from the wall and slowly reached out to Alex. With no intention to attack him just yet, she wanted to see if he turned back around. But he didn’t. Nakita came out halfway from the wall and waved at him.

                 The emergency’s light further down the stair case started to flicker again and went out. Alex hoped there would be an open door by now. The last door he tried, he heard intense sounds of scratching on the wall above him. The further he ran down the stairs, the louder the sound grew. Sweat poured from his forehead. He took his flashlight out from his pocket and turned it on. Alex spun around with the flashlight, again no one was behind him. Alex said to himself, "I must be going crazy."
                 As he turned back around, Nakita was right in front him. She softly said to him,  "No my little prey, your not crazy."
Alex’s face turned pale and he shivered in fear. "What do you want from me?"
                 "To play with you."
                 She came closer to him. Alex tried to back away from her, but unknown to him that he was near the edge of the stair rail. He took another step and fell down the stairs only a few feet. Luckily he was able to grab on the rail. But not for long as Nakita made the metal rail soft enough for Alex’s grip to break the rail. He fell the rest of the way down to the next floor.

                 “Aww, what’s the matter baby, fall down and hurt himself? “

                 She skipped down the stairs and crouched down over him with a smile, “Here let me make it better.”
Nakita reached out with her right hand towards Alex's face and from her finger, formed razor tip blades. The blades stopped about two inches from his eyes as she looked directly into his eyes and slowly backed her hand away, "Run my little prey.", she said with a giggle.
                 Gasping for air, Alex got up from under her and turned to run.  Nakita stood there as she enjoyed the moment. Seconds later she quickly moved up on him. She grabbed the back of his neck and slammed him against the wall. She pinned his arms down and watched his reaction while he struggled for his life. Nakita released her grip so he could again stumbled down the stairs. Alex fell hard onto the floor. But he couldn’t lie there, quickly he turned to see where she was. But Nakita had disappeared. 
                 "No, this can't be happening. I’ve get out of here."
                 Alex slowly pulled himself up from the floor, wiping the blood from his bottom lip that he bit from the fall.  He didn't know where she was hiding. All he heard was the faint sound of razor blades scraping against the walls. Alex started to panic as he tried to find an open door, forgetting that all of the doors were locked.  Even his access codes didn't work anymore.
                 "Damn they played me like a fool. I have no where to run and no where to hide!  Core must have known about the Neos all along", said Alex as he slammed his fist in frustration against the wall.

                 Blood from his scraped knuckles ran down the wall.  Nakita's wickedly sweet voice filled the stairway. "Don't you want to play with me, my little prey?"
                 Alex’s only choice was to run down the stairs, an endless spiral of torture. From within the wall, Nakita quietly came halfway through the wall behind Alex. She reached out to grab him as he passed by. Alex felt Nakita's cold razor fingertip touching him. His fright caused his legs to act like jelly and tripped himself .   Just before he landed on his face Nakita caught him. She twirled him around and held him close to her. Nakita whispered in his ear,  "You don't know peace, until you have suffered."
                 Nakita shoved him away while slashing his chest hard enough to make him bleed. Alex fell to his knees, gasped in pain.  Alex looked up and asked her, "Wh- Why are you doing this?"
Naktia was pacing back and forth with her eyes fixed on him. She stopped and crawled up to him, "Because, I can."
                 Alex looked upon her with absolute horror as his blood dripped down from his chest.  She wiped off some of his blood with her fingers and she licked the blood clean from her finger tip, "Hmmm.. Sweet."
                 From behind Nakita in the upper corner of the stairway was a security camera, both Core and John were witnessing Nakita's enjoyment.  John was in awe of Nakita abilities and worried about how severe she was with Alex, "I don't think she is interrogating him, sir."
                 Core without a concern on his face, smirked, "Well no, maybe not. But at least she's happy. Besides it's not like we're losing anything. If he dies, he dies."
                 "She is remarkable though," said John as he checked the incoming data from the scan that he made before she left. John thought,  "She will be my control and I will find their secret of this living metal."         
                Nakita came even closer, whispering in his ear, "Didn't you hear me, little one? Run.," said Nakita as she playfully bit his ear.
Alex screamed as she tore into his ear. Gasping for air, he struggled up while Nakita looked on in pleasure. Alex was almost at the exit and a few feet away from escaping to the outside. But before he could open the door, Nakita grabbed him.  She came from behind and grabbed him in a reverse choke hold. Alex was barely conscious as she slowly squeezed his neck.
                 "Why?....  Why are you doing this to me? I'm of no important to you." 
                 She kissed him on the cheek, "Shush baby. Now, I am not going to kill you, I just wanted to play with you. There is one thing I need you to do before playtime is over with."
                 "I need you to bleed a little bit more for my game that I have installed for your friends."
                 ”What are you.....are you talking about the Neos….?"

                 Nakita smiled, “Now struggling will make things worst for you.”
                 “No!. Go ahead and kill me. I will not help you."
                 Nakita tighten the hold just a bit more to shut him up.
                 "Did I say that you have a choice? But don't worry no matter what you say to them. You're already a pawn for me."
                 "Go to.."
                 "Shush baby, no more talking. Now this will only hurt for a few seconds."
                 She formed a single blade from her hand and pierced him in the back. The blade
shot straight through his body. She kissed him, so he wouldn’t scream. Nakita did not strike to kill. But it was enough for him to pass out. As Alex's limp body fell to the ground, she slinked down on top of him and said, "I was wrong, the pain will last a lot longer, my prey. But don't you fret. I missed all of your pretty little organs, for now."

                 Nakita opened the nearby exit and pushed him out of the exit door to fall in front of Cindy. For a second she was paralyzed in shock. She looked down to see Alex lying on the ground with blood trickling out. Tears formed from her eyes. She fell to her knees and cried out, "Alex what happened? Talk to me."

                 She felt like screaming as his warm blood ran down her arms. Cindy picked him up and ran to the nearest vehicle. Unknown to Cindy, Nakita was in wait to see where she would take him.  Core and John were looking at a security camera. Core with a content looked on his face said, "Excellent work Nakita, proceed for now and don't forget, I need you back soon."

                 "Yes I understand."

                 Nakita watched on from a distance. Cindy stole a car and gently placed Alex onto the back seat. "Alex, please hold on."

                 She sped off to the hospital as Nakita followed like a predator, jumping over rooftop to rooftop. She kept a close watch on them, no one had noticed her.


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