Chapter 5: Drinks are on me.

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                 Mark and Sara headed to New Denmark's downtown area. Sara peered out the window to see what had changed after a hundred years. The mining city she once knew was now a metropolis with seven million people living there. The inner city still had most of its protected dome around it. Construction crews were in progress deconstructing the rest of the dome. The air was more breathable now, because the terra-formation was nearly complete. Sara rolled down the window and the she could smell the Martian's air.
                 "Sweet?" said Sara as the air caught her by surprise.
                 "Oh, the air?" 
                 Sara nodded, "Yeah, it's like the hydroponics gardens. Do they still have those now?"
                 "No, well not the way that you would remember them. The gardens became more like national parks. But the smell that's in the air is scented with a type of pollen. Hopefully with the newly scheduled rain, this will help to start a plant life on Mars." 
                 "It rains on Mars?" 
                 "Yeah, cool huh? The scientist on Mars created a weather control device to produce the rain. "
                 As she listened to Mark explain how the rain would help Mars, Sara noticed billboards that with Earth's propaganda. She looked to the street and saw Earth's security forces with full armaments walking around on every corner. Mark was looking on as well and said, "Those troopers arrived a few months ago to help the New Denmark's police fight the gang attacks. But now they are taking over instead of helping." 
                 "Everything changes for me," Sara thought. A few miles down the road they passed the police station. Sara noticed the huge statue in front of the police station and said, "There she is." 
                 Sara pointed to show Mark. He looked out the side of the car and saw a large statue of a woman in roman style armor holding a sword in one hand. In the other hand was a weight scale, raised over her head. She was blind-folded.
"Well at least one thing hasn't change, Lady Justice. When I was a cop here, I used to eat under that statue. Still seems like it was a few days ago to me. I’m sorry, I guess that I should be happy that I am alive. Maybe some food in my stomach would do me good."
                 "We will there soon. Alex said it was good place to eat."
                 "So what’s the place called?"
                 "Oh, the bar is called Old Reds."

                 Unknown to Sara and Mark, a few miles away were Anna and her friends, Stacy and Simms. They were on their way to the same bar. After the day Anna had, there was nothing she wanted more than to relax and drink the night away.

                 "Hey Anna, wait up! What's the hurry?"
                 "It's nothing Stacy, I want to get to Reds before the crowd arrives."
                 "You're hopeless Anna........Aww come on Anna, wait up!"
Walking behind the two was Simms with a cigar in one hand.

                 Stacy turned to him, "Sir, she's walking too fast. Order her to slow down."
                 Simms laughed a little bit as he lit his cigar. Anna walked up to the front doors and looked in. Unfortunately the place were already crowded.
                 "Damn, it's too late."

                 Stacy came up to her and looked to see why Anna had stopped. "Wow, looks like everyone had the same idea as you, Anna."

                 "Yeah looks that way...."
Anna proceeded to the far end of the bar. She sat down in a booth near the back exit, and Stacy followed.

                 Simms came up and took his jacket off and said, "You ladies sit here and I'll grab some drinks."
                 Anna sat back in the booth and motioned to Simms before he went to get the drinks. 
                 "Hey Simms, remember make mine a double." 
                 "Okay, Anna."
Stacy sat right beside Anna, forcing her to readjust her position. Stacy had another big grin on her face. Anna moved further in the booth and Stacy followed, "Stacy, you’re starting to creep me out. What is it?"
                 "I told your partner where you would be. He said that he'll be over soon."
                 Anna bowed her head and said, "Awe Stacy, why did you tell him? That's all I need right now. All I wanted to do was to relax."
                 "Oh, I am sorry Anna. You two need to trust each other and bonding outside of work is the best way. Besides earlier today, it wasn't nice of you to leave him."
                 Anna closed her eyes and said as she grinned, "Stacy I can do that tomorrow I......" Anna paused as she realized that Stacy liked Johnny and continued, "Do you know what I think, Stacy?"
                 "And what's that, Anna?"
                 "You think he's kind of cute and you want to talk to him. Am I right?" 
                 Stacy blushed and winked at Anna to confirm her fondness of Johnny.
Anna with a blank stare on her face said, "You say that I am hopeless......"
Stacy just giggled. Simms came back with the drinks, "Okay girls, who had the boilermaker?"
                 Anna raised her hand up and said, "Yo, point that thing my way."
Simms gave the drink to Anna. She drank it like it was in a shot glass.
                 "Ahhhh, I think, I'll make that another double."
                 Stacy's eyes widen as Anna gulped down the drink, "Anna are you trying to get drunk?"
                 Anna quickly replied, "Hell yeah, after the past few days, I need some of my brain cells killed off."
                 "What about Johnny? Don't you want to be sober when he gets here?”
                 Anna draped her left arm over Stacy's shoulder and said, "Well, you're the one who wants to jump his bones. So I am making it easier for ya to do that."
                 "Anna please, how can you say that, I mean... I never.."
                 "And you never will, if you only sip one of those virgin Martinez."
Simms, quietly sitting on the other side of the table, lit up another cigar and said,
                 "Well Anna if you keep drinking those boilermakers, you will soon be smashed. You know every time you get drunk, you end up in another fight."
Anna, already feeling a little bit tipsy replied, "Hey that little old lady had it coming to her." 
                 They all laughed, just as Mark and Sara walked into Old Reds.
                 "Here we are Sara. Alex told me that this place has the best synthetic barbeque rib meat in town."
Sara was hesitant on entering the bar because of the crowd. She thought, "I am not sure I should do this."
                 Feeling light headed, Sara started to stumble forward. Mark caught her before anyone really noticed, but it did raise his concerns about bringing her there. He helped her to a side wall and quietly asked, "Sara are you okay? If you want, we can go back."
                 "No, no, I am fine. I just got a little bit overwhelmed for a second. Let’s get a booth back in the bar away from the crowd."
                 "Sure Sara, but if your not feeling well, we can go." 
                 Sara regained her footing and said, "Thanks, I should be fine."
                 They went to the back of the club and sat in a booth near the exit door. Sara picked up a menu and said, "Hmmm, how much can you afford?"
Mark laughed nervously and stopped because of what Alex had said about Sara's metabolism, "Are you serious?"
                 "Well, I am still really hungry and all this on the menu looks good." 
                 "All of it?"

                 "No, not all of it but at least half of what's on the menu." 
                 He opened up his wallet and looked through it. "Uh, that’s all right, I guess." 
                 Mark turned around to get the waiter's attention and caught a glimpse of Anna with her friends from the force. He turned around and quickly picked up a menu.
                 Mark said quietly to Sara, "Hey Sara, do you want to go somewhere else to eat?" 
                 "I thought this is where we're meeting the others." 
                 "Yeah, but not for a few hours. Now, I am thinking we should come back later.."
                 Sara looked at him closely and realized that he was flushed in the face. She smiled a bit as she could tell this was about a woman. 
                 "So, who is she?"
                 "No, no, that's not what I meant to say. There are some cops in here. One of them I know, and she’s not a pushover. I am sure we should be a little more discrete."
                 Sara motioned for the waiter to come over, "As long as we don't make a scene, they probably won't even notice us."
                 The waiter came over, "Hi, my name is Jamerson and I will be your waiter. Can I help you?"
                 Sara pointed to the menu, "I would like everything on the right side of the menu please and a diet coke if you still have one."
Both the waiter and Mark looked dumbfounded. The waiter wrote down what she had said , "Hmm, right this might take a bit......What's a diet coke?"

                 "You’re kidding.... Uh....I guess any drink that is considered as a diet drink."
                 Mark looked down at the table as the waiter left and sarcastically said,
                 "Oh yeah, I am going to jail."
                 Sara snickered a bit, "Don't worry Mark, I was just kidding. But if you’re uncomfortable, we'll go somewhere else."
                 Mark sighed in relief, as they got up from the booth and moved toward the door away from the cops. But at the same time, Anna was coming back from the bar with a beer. Mark hid his head as they went by. Just in front of them, a waitress was cleaning up a spilt drink, not noticing that some of the ice was on the floor. Sara stepped and slipped on the ice, she accidentally bumping into Anna's back. This caused Anna to spill her drink on herself. Simms and Stacy looked at each other, realizing what was going to happen.
                 "Oh shit." they both said at the same time.
                 Stacy asked, "Should we do something?" 
                 Simms shook his head as he puffed on the cigar, "Not much we can do now. I just hope this won't get out of control."
Anna was drenched in beer. She turned toward the crowd to see who bumped into her, "Who did this?" 
                 "Oh, I am so sorry," said Sara as she got up.

                 Anna looked at her drink, "You spilled my drink."
                 "I am really sorry. I didn't see you."
Anna squinted her eyes at Sara. Then she got in front of Sara's face and said,
                 "Oh, so you're saying that I am short too, huh?"
                 Sara backed up a little to replied, "No, no, please let me pay for another drink."
                 Mark grabbed a drink from a waiter and gave it to Sara. She smiled and gave the drink to Anna, "Here's another drink. It's on me." 
                 Anna smiled back, "Thanks."
                 Simms put his cigar down and raised back in his chair, "Oh thank God, Anna isn't going to react with excessive force." 
                 Sara begun to turn around and walked away, but Anna on the other hand wasn’t finish yet . She stopped Sara by grabbing her by the forearm and spun her around, "You're right, the drink is on you."
                 Anna poured the drink over Sara's head which caught her by surprise. Anna giggled and rested her arm on top of Mark's left shoulder.

                 Mark came over to Sara and whispered to her, "Sara, please let it be. She is drunk and toying with you.”

                 Sara raked her beer soaked hair out of her face and looked down at Anna. "I tried to be nice to this little redheaded pointing ear bitch!"
Anna stopped laughing, "Hey! Watch what you say about the ears, you blond bimbo."

                 Simms motioned for the waiter, "Check please!"
Mark grabbed Sara's trench coat as he was getting frantic, "Please Sara, remember about being discrete." 
                 "Looks like you need another drink on you. Ha, ha!” Anna blurted as she held another drink in her hand.

                 Sara with annoyance in her voice, "You know that is it, I just had enough of you." 
                 Sara pushed Anna a few feet away, causing her to spill her drink again. Anna looked at the empty glass which reflected Sara's contempt for her. She grinned at the opportunity for a fight, “So, you want it the hard way."
The bartender hopped in the middle of them, "Anna, please stop, I don't want any trouble." 
                 He looked at Sara and right back at Anna. Their eyes were starring right at each other. He could feel the electricity between them. The bartender backed away, knowing that trying to convince them was a lost cause, "Well at least fight in a cage. That’s why I built it, because of you, Anna."
The bartender pushed a red button on the side of the bar. Out from the back corner floor was a cage that went up to the ceiling. Sara looked at the cage and was pleased to see the area. Mark on the other hand was in shock.

                 "What in the hell is this place? Alex said this was a bar, not.....this!!!"
Anna smirked at Sara, "I am up for it." 
                 Sara gazed with hostility into Anna's eyes, "Sounds like fun to me."
The bartender sat down and was relieved that she went with the cage fight. Even though they were going to fight in the cage he was about to call the authorities until Sgt. Simms came over and hung up the phone.
                 "Don't worry. When Anna gets in her surly state, it is useless to try to stop her. Especially when she’s plastered. If she wants to fight, she will."

                 "Yeah I know that, but I can't have her destroying my bar for the second time."

                 "Trust me, if you called, the Earth's security force will come here, not the police."

                 He hung up the phone and they both them watched the two get into the cage. Mark tried to get Sara to come with him.

                 "Sara please..... " He paused once he looked into her eyes. He could tell that her eyes were starting to turn a brighter shade of red. Mark backed off into the crowd, knowing what could and would happen. He went to the nearest pay phone to call for Cindy.

                 As the two women got into the cage, Anna turned to Sara, "Listen here sweetie, I am not an ordinary girl. So, I'll try not to beat you up too badly." 
                 "Don't sing it, just bring it, shorty."
                 That comment made Anna throw the first punch. Sara quickly blocked and countered with a side step to the right. She jumped in with a front roundhouse kick. Anna dodged out of the way. She thought as she came up, "No freaking way! I always connect with my first punch."
                 Anna came up to Sara with a fake kick, spun around with a back kick. Again, Sara was able to counter with a side step to the left and slapped the kick away from her. She turned with the block and raised her arm into a ridge hand strike. Anna made an inside open hand block to grab Sara's ridge hand attack, and threw a haymaker punch with the other hand. Sara grab Anna's punch. This caused both Anna and Sara in a gridlock. Both of them were surprised with each other's strengths and abilities.

                 Sgt. Simms leaned forward with interest and said to Stacy as she came over, "Well, this is unexpected. The other one can fight too."
Stacy nodded with concern. As the fight continued, they were both evenly matched. No one was getting the upper hand. Anna wondered why was she not hitting her opponent and the same was going through Sara's head. As they fought, the ring was slowly being destroyed. It would not hold them for much longer because the posts were coming unhinged. As one punched the other perfectly dodged out of the way. Both were getting frustrated as every time they missed each other, their impacts to the ring were getting stronger.

                 Simms watched on as he smoked. "See that Stacy. The ring is not going to last too long."
                 Stacy was in shock at how Anna and Sara were fighting. The one thing that shocked her most was that Anna has never been bested and someone out of the blue like Sara could be going toe to toe with Anna.
                 "Who's that woman, Sarge?"
                 "Good question, someone who can hold her own with Anna could be trouble."
                 Anna spun around with a spinning back kick. Sara evaded to the left. She saw the frustration coming from Anna which gave her an opening for a counter attack. But instead of striking back hard, she came in forward and flicked Anna's ear. This surprised Anna as she flinched back and Sara landed in a crouched position. Both backed in neutral position. Anna rubbed her ear and said, "Ok, now I am not going take it easy on you."
                 Anna started to throw a barrage of punches and kicks towards Sara and not one landed on her target. Then Sara quickly blocked Anna's punches and dodged her kicks. She countered with her own attack of punches and kicks. Anna quickly backed off to offset Sara. She charged up with a hard straight punch. Sara couldn't step away quick enough and turned to Anna with a cross arm block. The impact of the blow sent Sara through the wall and into the street. Anna walked up to the hole and said with a smile,
                 "How did you like that little miss-flick-people-in-the-ears!"
                 Outside of the club in the rubble Anna feet away pushed the debris out of the way, and jumped out through the hole. Sara, without a scratch, smiled as she brushed off the dust from her clothes. She looked at Anna with a grin and flicked Anna off. She crossed her arms and said, "Oh, really well how about this..." 
                 Anna run toward Sara and shoved her into a parked car. The impact of the attack cause the parked car to fold in two. Anna backed off and thought that she had Sara trapped in the car. She was about to deliver a knock out punch when Sara quickly came out from the car with a uppercut. The strike send Anna twenty-feet in the air. Anna quickly recovered as she landed on top of a truck. The fight continued out on the street. One punch after another, neither Sara nor Anna was backing down. The energy that was coming from their fists was tremendous. No one could come near them. Their fight was starting to get the attention of some police officers who were on duty, nearby. Simms realized what was happing and screamed out, "Anna that's enough, you have to stop this!"
Anna didn't hear him as the ground started to shake from the power out put coming from the two. 
                 "Great, she has to go and pick a fight with someone who is just as stubborn as her."
                 Stacy came up beside Simms, "Yeah Anna, kick her ass, Whoooa!"
She stopped cheering as she detected the commotion that was occurring outside the crowd. Stacy saw her fellow officer coming up from the rear entrance. 
                 "Hey Sarge some of our guys are out in the back of the crowd."
Simms took another puff on his cigar, "It's what I thought, by now the fight would have been already over and Anna would be singing at the karaoke-bar down the street. But since she has met her equal in the ring, Anna took it to the next level of play."
                 "Next level?"

                 Stacy turned back to watch the fight. Until then she had never seen Anna fight like this but then again she had never seen anyone who could stay with Anna's pace. The more she watched the more she understood what Simms was saying.
                 "No way...This is bad. Is there a way for us......." she paused as she saw Anna rip a car door off and throw it at Sara, only for Sara to counter the thrown door by catching it and using it as a battering ram.. 
                 "To stop them before, the worst could happen. I am afraid not." 
                 "Sir, I don't know about you, but I have to try something. I am going back there and trying to convince them to help."
                 With a determined look on her face, Stacy grabbed Simms’s arm and forced her way to the back. Simms knew what she was going to do and went along. Mark saw the commotion from the cops and slipped out from the crowd. A few feet from the fight near an alley was Cindy going to meet Mark. From his distressing call about Sara's ordeal, she wasn't sure what to do. Her only concern was getting back to meet up with Alex. Just before she turned into the parking lot, she saw Mark waving her to the back where his car was parked.

                 "Hey Mark, why is everyone outside? I thought the fight was inside."
                 "I couldn't tell you over the phone, but.."
Mark pointed to the center of the crowd and Cindy turned around to see the fight. Cindy's eyes nearly popped out as sweat trickled down her back. She ran up to the front of the crowd and screamed at Sara, "What the hell are you doing? Please!!! stop!!!"

                   "We’ve got to get her out of here before the Earth force shows up."
Cindy wondered how they could handle this. She looked at Mark, "How did this get started?" 
                 "It's my fault I brought her here.... She bumped into the redhead over there and well..."
                 Cindy looked at the other fighter, "She is fighting against Anna Matrix. A freaking cop."
                 She fell to her knees, knowing that this was going to go bad and more than likely what she witnessed from the other night's blood bath, Sara could kill everyone in her path. Now she was in public view and if she went crazy, everything that the Neos had worked for would be destroyed. 
                 "This is no good," she thought.

                 Both fighters were getting upset about not getting the advantage on the other. As one took a hit, the other countered back knocking the other back into neutral position. Sara came up with a haymaker and Anna blocked it. She thought she had the upper hand by blocking it until she was caught with an elbow from the contraction of the haymaker. Due to the lack of nourishment taking it's hold again, there wasn't enough power to make an impact. Sara started to stumble to the left. This gave Anna the opportunity to gain the upper hand. She grabbed Sara by the collar and slammed her into a car. From this Sara's clothes got ripped and revealed some of her body's armor.

                 "So you are a cyber/military class."
She paused, because Sara was not in fact a cyber class but more like herself,
                 "Wait that body armor that's.."
                 Anna backed a few feet away in shock from what she saw. This gave Sara the opportunity to regroup and strike back with an upper cut followed with a back elbow strike to the mid section while Anna was in the air. Before Anna could get up, the Earth government came in, to take control. Everybody watching the two scrambled away. This caused Sara to stop her advances on Anna. She turned her attentions to them and said,
                 "So you boys want to play too." 
                 Just behind the men was several heavy armored mechs Sara thought that she should have listened to Mark and looked for an exit. It was still crowded around the alley ways and she was all alone. Anna was getting up as Simms came over to help her up, "What in the hell were you doing out there, Anna?"
Anna started to say something, but Simms interrupted her, "Not a word, we're getting out of here. The Earth's forces are here and I am not going to be here for them to question us." 
                 "Simms...... Sir, I can't just leave. I have to find out who she is."
                 "The way that she could fight, I don't think that the Earth's force can be any match." 
                 "But sir.. I.."
                 "No, Anna this is an order, you got it."
                 In front of them was a small platoon of Earth Security force's troopers who were surrounding Sara. This made Anna sober up real quickly. The Earth's forces started pushing back Sara into a corner. At this point Sara was really getting pissed off. On the ground where she stood, small fragments of metal debris were shaking violently. Anna felt her energy coming thought the crowd.

                 "Such power....Is she going to do what I think she is about to do?" she thought. Anna couldn't help head toward Sara. She knew if Sara is like herself and the energy that she was displaying then her little bar fight would turn into the biggest disaster since the great war a hundred year ago.

                 "Anna, No....." screamed Simms. Anna refused to listen and walked off toward the fight. Stacy came up with her fellow cops.

                 "Sir, I’ve got some.....What's wrong?"

                 "It's like trying to talk to a bull. Stubborn as hell."

                 Simms relit his cigar and took a puff, "I have a bad feeling about this."
                 Anna pushed and shoved her way thought the angry mob and came up in front of the government forces. Sara got into a defense stance, thinking that she was coming at her.

                 “So you can't fight me one on....." Sara paused as Anna got between her and the aimed guns,
                 "Who are you?" Anna screamed.


                 "I said who...." The light from the mechs flashed and the sounds of the security forces were scurrying to the possible exit points for Sara to escape. Sara's eyes refocused on them, overlooking Anna's concerns. The light glared off of her red eyes; Anna felt the energy had increased. She wasn't getting through to Sara. She saw that Sara's eyes were glowing a fiery shade of red. Anna yelled, "Please! Who are.."
                 Sara's energy had became strong enough to create feedback from the mechs and weapons. The men who were close started to miss fire which caused the others to open fire on Sara and Anna. Just before one of the troopers could get a clean shot, Johnny out from the crowd came up running to Anna. He pulled her out of the way before they fired.
                 "No, stop. What are you doing Johnny?" Anna screamed as she watched Sara engulfed in bullets. With her wits about Sara instinctively used the metal around her as a body shield. 
                 Both Anna and Johnny fell to the ground a good distance away from Sara and the Earth's troopers. Anna looked up to see Sara running up to the Earth's forces. She forced the guns out of two troopers hands and fused with them. Anna eye's lit up as it confirmed that Sara was like her. 
                 "I am not alone," she thought to herself as a tear went down her cheek.
                 Johnny was still lying on top of her thinking that he was protecting her. Until he looked down and saw Anna looking at him and shoved him off to get up.
                 "Anna are you okay?" But she didn't reply.
                 By now the police department had come to aid the Earth forces to subdue Sara. They focused their fire near Sara so they could back her off the front line. She had to be backed into a corner. The fused weapons on her arms were depleted and she had change into bladed sabers which doubled as a shield, but the fire was getting more intense. Without a second thought, she ran straight through their barricades. By now, Anna was too far behind the crowd to see what was going on.
                 "Damn, I need to help her." 
                 "Help that! Are you crazy??.. Anna?.."
                 Anna did not pay him any attention, she ran toward the fight. Sara finally broke through the Earth's forces with the help from Cindy. She distracted Sara's pursuers by running her car directly in front of the forces. She sprinted out of the car just before they could get to her. Cindy quickly whirled around and threw a small gas bomb at the car. Smoke shot out from the vehicle and covered the area. Sara immediately ducked into an alley and looked to see if anyone detected her. She peeked back around and saw Anna arguing with an Earth's force's trooper. Sara softly said to herself, "I hope we can meet again little miss redhead." 
                 Mark quickly came from the other side of the alley waving for her to get into his car. Right behind Sara was Cindy. She passed Sara and dove in first. When Sara got in the car, Cindy had a scowl look on her face. She wasn't too happy about on the events that had transpired and especially if it caused her to be late with Alex.
                 "What happen, Mark? Can't we keep a leash on her?."
Sara didn’t care about her remarks, she watched out the back window and gazed at the lingering fire. As they drove further and further away from that place, Sara pondered the idea of what she could be. Back in front of the bar, the crowds are being disbursed and the fires were contained. Anna leaned on the side wall, watching the people going by, trying to make clarity on what just happened.

                 "There you are Anna, I thought I lost you again," said Johnny as he came from the bar with two drinks in his hands. Anna slowly looked at him as Johnny gave the drink to her.
                 "What the hell just happened here?" Anna asked.
                 "Anna, just hold on for a sec. I can explain here." 
                 "Explain what? Hmm, lets make an over populated civilian area into freaking war zone."
                 "Well, looks like you and that thing was making a scene as well." 
                 "Damn you're hopeless and by the way I didn't need to be saved back there. I am tougher than you expect and besides I had everything under control until." 
                 Lance arrived at the scene, “Well, speak of the devil." 
                 "Look I didn't have much of a choice here, okay. Anna please let me talk to him. I'll be right back and if you're still upset when I get back, I'll get you another drink if you don't like that one and don't worry, these drinks are on me."
Johnny walked toward Lance. Anna just flicked him off behind his back for that comment. Stacy and Simms came up to Stacy looked at Anna with excitement,
                 "Oh, my god Anna, that was sooo amazing. Who was that woman any way?"
                 "I don't know, but I intend to find out."
Simms patted Anna's right shoulder, Anna raised up at him with a half witted grin, "I did it again, didn't I?" 
                 "Yep, but don't be so hard on Johnny, he was only trying to help."
                 "Yeah, yeah, I know but. But wish I had more time with that woman."
                 While Simms and Stacy were talking to Anna, Johnny was explains to Lance what had happen. Anna sat on a bench and stretched her legs while watching the fire. Instead of listening to her friends, she was in deep thought about the woman she had fought. What didn’t make any sense to her was how the woman knew to counter her fighting moves.

Johnny came back over to Anna and took a seat next to her.

"Anna, I am sorry that I interfered. But I thought that I was helping you.."
Anna didn't say anything. She started to step forward but stopped and turned toward Johnny. "Come on, we’ve got job to do."


Chapter 6