Hello me, meet the real me.


             He was born under the sign of Cancer, in the year of 1975, on the 7th month, the 7th day and the 7th hour. As Matt looked upon at the doctor, who was holding him upside down. Matt, with the cutest baby smile that could even melt the heart of the cruelest person, slapped the doctor in the face.        From that day he knew that he was the........one for........something...Well I don't actually know, at the time I was a freaking baby....I hate speaking of my self in thrid person. 

              ...Come to think of it, this isn't much of a profile......Anyway, in my later years I started to have visions of other worlds, some were not like our own world. The visions danced in my head like, marionettes swaying to the music from an orchestra. The only problem was that I couldn't hold on to them, not until I watched my first Anime

             But still they were just pictures to me I was still missing something.  My High school days, I started to appreciated music like Pink Florid, Duran Duran, and Queen, to name a few. That was when I came in contact with two CD's of, Frankie goes to Hollywood entitled, "Welcome to the Pleasure dome." and "Liverpool."

                  From them three songs had helped me to bring life into my pictures, From the Liverpool CD came "Warriors of the wasteland" this stimulated my mind to create series called, Living Metal. Next, was the a song called "Rage hard" this caused me to create "Elemental Rage" From the other CD came the song called," Welcome to the pleasure dome." This song gotten me interested with the poem and researched the actual person called, Kublai Khan. Thus it helped me to create my second story called Kubla Khan, The War for Xannadu.

              I kept Elemental Rage and Kubla Khan in the background to focus on Living Metal. My heart and soul is in this one, because as clearly as I see this reality I could see the world of Living Metal.

         The influencing music like, Mushroom head, Fear Factory, System of a down, Marilyn Manson and Metallica had its hand on creating the first story of the five book series. (Oh yeah I can’t for get Rob zombie’s, Dragula which I considers my theme song for newer story called, Mad Matt: the second coming.)

          The music was only a part of my madness. I wanted even more out of my head. But poking holes in my head just got messy, so I started to train my body as well as my mind. With my love for the Martial Arts and physical training at the gym, I learned the way of the hand and foot, from two different styles,

Tang Soo Do and Isshinryu .

            These styles gave me the discipline to reach my potential not only physical but as well as drawing and writing the fights senes.

            Now I am not saying that I am a master at either styled but I am very confident that I do know how to protect myself I....(Well I have hook kicked some one who was almost a foot taller than me in the face....At the moment of impact, It felt like slow-motion when I kicked him.)

            Sorry I digress.

           Now, I have my action and my plot.  Now I wanted some hard science mixed into science fiction. So I reseched the ideas like Organic Metal, nano technology, genetic manipulation, evolution and others to add substance to my book. I think that I am ready to show the world what lies beyond my imagination

          Note: If you noticed, I like nuclear explosion. Even though it nuclear explosions are reality worst nightmare, but they are really pretty to look at.