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The fictional and not so fictional understanding Living Metal.

The fictional and not so fictional understanding Living Metal.


         As you look upon the human form, it is an organic machine or as I like to refer it to as a chunk of modeling clay.   Nature used evolution to model us into what we are now.  What happen if we took the idea of evolution out of natures control and into the hands of science? We used metal substance into our bodies to keep us alive. Like iron for the blood, also nickel and magnesium for the body as well. Through the essence of this relationship we are connected to metal one way or another.  Because of this we have a special fascination of metal which has shown through out our known history.  

                        It would be logical to see the evolution of metal to integrate with man kind. From cybernetic and prosthetic implants which is now a reality, as they are connected directly into the nervous system, becoming apart of ones being.   For instance, the fusion of two hydrogen molecules fused with one oxygen molecule can create a new from of existence called water,H2O. Just like our own bodies, the same fashion could happen with integration of metal to a human host with in the DNA.  This kind of fusion could create a new form of humanity. 

                     But the problem is that humans are only using ten percent of our mental capacity. What if the ability to fuse and among the other abilities that were locked inside our psyches. Due to our evolution, this was closed away from us, until we have matured as a race.


                                    As impatient as the human race likes to wait, science was created to unlock these doors of understanding. Now we know that man kind can be remodel by our own hands.  Through genetic manipulation of ones DNA to cloning a living being in a test tube, anything was possable.

                  Science has started to answer our question of life.  Even though, science has caused many problems for man kind.   But ultimately science will be the key to fix it back, better than ever.  Even now the time we are living in, scientists are creating micro robots that can travel through the blood system of a human body to repair or to destroyed at a molecular level.  They are called Nano-bots and right now they are basic and simple.  But they could be the next step to LIVING METAL.



What is Living Metal

The technology is called Cyber-genetics       



                Cyber-genetics known as Living metal. This is the process of fusing human DNA with metal at a subatomic level, an integration with living metal catalyst into the human body system. This will completely remake the human bodys cell structure by giving the cell the ability to fuse with any known metallic substance. This new cell will attach itself onto the muscle near the pancreas to begin the integration.            

                    The cell feeds off from the glucose that is in the blood of the human hosts body. This will causes the metabolism to increase and to require more nutrients for the body. Once the new cells are firmly attached itself to the muscles fiber it will secrete a type of adrenalin called Tri-drenalin, for its byproduct, which is deposit into the adrenal glands, and into the muscle. Tri-drenalin mix with the bodys own adrenalin which is like a stable anabolic steroids. Causing the host's body to have increase strength and endurance many times fold..


           One of the main physical changes that occur in the human body is the striping of the normal skin structure and the reformation of a metallic skin that formed around the muscle. In result this will cause the body to have a well defind body.    As soft as skin but hared than any known alloyed.

                  Full integration takes about 12 months for the body to accept the new cell. If not rejection will set in, in order for the rejection not to set in, the host needed to have a certain brain pattern and a high state of alpha wave link. Partial integration like a body part can be accept only in a control environments, The usage of nanobots will set the parameters of the living metal.