Mad Matt: The second coming

        As a phoenix rises from its own grave, so will I arise among the ashes of chaos and bring forth my wrath upon those who scorn my world.  I am reborn, but not as a hero.   I know what I must do, I am the one who will fix this mistake. When they came down from the sky and promised us a new age of mankind. They lied .

                      I was just a normal person with hopes of success with my imagination.   The night before they left, my world, my life had become as twisted as my nightmares.  My imagination became my reality and once was my reality became just dream as it was turned inside out.

                          I was given a part of a key from people who I thought they were helping me. But I was wrong.  Seven others were given parts of this key so we could fight.  Like rats in cage, they wanted to see what we would do with  powers that could unravels what has now became our world  . It was all just a game for them to change humanity into madness.

                But they underestimated who they given this power to. Unlike most of humanity, I am awake to this monstrosity, and I will lead the fallen to salvation.  People, who dont know me, wont understand what I am trying to do. They called me a mad man. But they will soon understand,

I am the way,

My name is MAD MATT and welcome to my world...............................



Just think, in another reality this is really happing.