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         Inspired by the visions of Samuel T Coleridge "Kublai Khan" and the music score of Frankie goes to Hollywood, "Welcome to the Pleasure dome."

           Before the time of man when four other races claim mother Earth as their own. It was the era of Pangaea and it was about to end. This is a tale of a young woman name Lilly, and her would-be assassins. They are trying to stop a prophecy from coming true. Lilly discovered that she was meant to become a vessel to an unholy being known as the Bounded One. Her assassin were selected by the four kings of Pangaea who vowed to give on their own lives to kill the chosen vessel of the Bounded One. It was believed if they stop the curse soul from entering, though the celestial doors of Pigilo, the dome of pleasure, this would avert the coming destruction of Pangaea.

         However, all of the prophecy was not as it appeared. From they had witnesed just getting to her, they begins to doubt the prophecy. There are two bounded souls fighting to posse her soul, the one that they knew as the Bounded One and the other was the one who stop him five hundred years before. Lilly’s would-be assassins will watch over the her until the time that they have to make a decision. Will they kill the innocent girl to save the world, or save her form the Bounded one?

Samuel T. Coleridge in vision this through a poem called Kublai Khan, but was unable to finish the vision he saw of before the days of man. I will complete the story through my tale of his vision. The poem by Samuel T Coleridge, and the song called "Welcome to the pleasure dome" by Franky goes to Hollywood, were the main influence for my story called, "Kubla Khan: The war for Xannadu" This idea was created in 1994.


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