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Living Metal: Wecome to the machine.



Ever since the dawn of time, man has use metal to shape the course of humanity. Now science has taken evolution out of natures control and into the hands of mankind.  The fusion of man and metal has already started to reshape mans own true path. The only question you'll have to ask yourself is, are you ready for the evolution?

Welcome to Living Metal, Welcome to the machine.

      In the year 2175, evolution of man and machine became as one when science created a cell that could blend with any known metal substances. This generated a new breed of humans that had the ability to manipulate any known metal as if it was apart of their own body.  This created the ultimate warriors for Mar Colonies' bitter struggle to gain independence from Earth.

                But before they could be able to make a difference,
they were betrayed by the company who created them. In fear of what these warriors were capable of, the Earth's government ordered that all of these warriors were to be destroyed at once.


Only a small numbers of them were never found.

Sealed in cryogenic tubes, they remained asleep only to be forgotten about;

 For Sara Jessica Bennett this had become her reality until she awoke after a hundred years of slumber. Caught up in the middle of a new struggle for Mars independent, she discovered allies in unlikely places. From freedom fighter group calling themselves, the Neo Amera, to a local cop, Anna Matrix, whose been tracking Sara since she had awakened.  Anna has a special link with Sara which could unlock her mysterious past.  They discover that there are more of there kind still asleep on Mars.  It is up to them to find their sleeping comrade before the Earth Government forces or the company that created them gets to them first.

Introducing the 3 main characters for Living Metal: Anna Matrix, Nakita, and Sara Jessica Bennette.


Name: Anna Matrix

Age: unknown

Height: 5"5"

Sex: female

Weight: 155lb

Hair: red

Eyes: sky blue



           Hot tub of molten led



           Heavy Metal


           Bad Driver

           Stupid people

           New Pepsi 



            Phasing through and, manipulating metal

            Hand to hand combat

            Telekinesis with any known metal

            Great strength of mental and physical capability





                 Not much is known about Anna, even to herself she is a mystery, but ten years ago she appeared on Mar.  As she was getting her life together, she became a police officer. But how she fights with aggression Anna was assign on the E.S.W.A.T. team (nickname of this team was called the suicide squad).  Knowing that she is unique always work alone she fights on hoping to remember her past




Name:   Nakita

Age: 129

Height: 5 feet,6 inches

Sex: female

Weight: 128

Hair: purple/red

Eyes: red



Shifting through and, manipulating metal

Hand to hand combat


Great strength of mental and physical capability


Likes:    little fury animals



              Blood type colors



Dislike: Sara and Anna

              Any one that are not related to the founder of C.T.C.


  Quiet,  Sweet girl, who enjoys to kill.



          Silent but deadly, she is the 2nd warrior to have awakened. Nakita looks at this new world as her own personal torture room. The perfect assassin who enjoys her work and will not stop until the job is done. She is loyal to her creator and his family and has an affinity for little furry animal.  
         As a child Nakita was alone. Lost her parents at a young age she has been through different orphanages and has always been in trouble with the law. The courts did not know what to do with her as

Her belligerents had increased to an almost uncontrollable level.  She was approached by a man who could help tone her violent skills that could benefit herself. Nakita happily accepted his offer.



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Name:    Sara J. Bennett

Age:     127 (considering that she was asleep in cryogenics for 100 years}

Height:    5"11"

Sex:      female

Weight:   180

Hair: blond

Eyes: red


Old 20th century Kung Fu movies


Hard, fast-pace music

Spicy foods


Bossy people


Cold weather




Phasing through and, manipulating metal

Hand to hand combat


Great strength of mental and physical capability



A levelheaded person who is suborn in her ways of dealing thing.

Sara is a person that does not panic in great pressure but at time is

alittle impatient.



Sara was born in New Denmark on Mars. When she reached 17, she enlisted in the Mars military and served 7 years, but the last 4 of those years was in the special forces (specializing in espionage.)  She was honrly discharge from the service, and became a police officer for the New Denmark Police. This is where she met her husband. But during a stake out, Sara was ambush and shot in back.  From this she became paralyze from the waste down. Her husbands enrolled her in a program, from the C.T.Croperation, (cybergenitics technology) .  It was to help people with disabilities or severe injuries. But unknown to Sara the C.T.C. secretly enlisted her into a special project called: Living Metal due to her military background, which made her the perfect candidate.








All art works and stories have been copyrighted, 2000.